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Poetry Friday: Stopping by the Woods

I'm hoping for snow today. Cold temperatures and gray skies surely add up to snow. Even if Mother Nature doesn't grant me my wish, I'm going to dig out the picture book version of Robert Frost's classic poem Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, which was illustrated by Susan Jeffers. She pictures a bearded traveller in a red plaid jacket who leaves bird seed and hay for the animals in Frost's woods. It's a lovely book, well suited to reading by the fireplace on a cold night, especially at the time of the winter solstice (December 22nd  in '07). After all, the poem takes place on "the darkest evening of the year."

Stop by Becky's Book Reviews for today's Poetry Friday roundup.


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As always, my faaaaavorite Frost poem always elicits a smile. I remember how I wrestled with memorizing it years ago. And indeed -- it is almost once again "the darkest evening of the year." It is a good and melancholic poem, the poet has to nudge himself into moving on from a standstill. It goes with the dark and with the weather...


I love this poem. I hope you get your snow. The northwest needs to dry out a bit before snow.

TadMack and MsMac, it's snowing! (3 pm) I hope it sticks. Jeffers' illustrations use colors judiciously--in the man's coat and scarf, the quilt on the sleight, the animals' coats. Her version brightens the journey a bit, I think.

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