The Chicken Gazette, 1.19.08
First-Grade Festivities with My Reading Buddies

Lit. Carnival, New "Edge of the Forest," Awards

The January Carnival of Children's Literature is going on right now at Wizards Wireless.  Check out lots of posts on the theme of literary awards.

Don't miss the new issue of The Edge of the Forest, an online journal about children's books. It's chock full of reviews, interviews,and feature articles.

January brought the announcement of the 2008 Charlotte Zolotow award, which honors outstanding writing in a picture book. Greg Foley's Thank You Bear was the #1 choice. You'll find more recommended books at the link, too.

One final list for readers today: the American Library Association's 2008 Notable Children's Books.


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Thanks, Susan! I was just reading this -- -- at Brookeshelf *right* before I checked your blog today and saw this link to the CZ Awards. As always, you deliver.

Thank You, Bear is a fabulous book, indeed. I kinda forgot about it for a while, but I'm glad to see it get some love. I might have put others in its place, but it's a good book.

Hey, Jules. I read & enjoyed Thank You Bear, too. One of the librarians at our library loved it and recommended it to me.

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