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Astrid Lindgren Award to Sonya Hartnett

The 2008 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award went to the Australian author Sonya Hartnett. The prize given by the Swedish government honors the creator of Pippi Longstocking and consists of 5 million Swedish krona. It's the largest prize in children's literature. (According to Yahoo! Finance's currency converter, that's the equivalent of some 820,000 U.S. dollars. Can that be right? Wow.)

Hartnett's many novels include Thursday's Child, The Silver Donkey, and Surrender.

More: article in the March 12th edition of the Guardian


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I was just reading about this too - it says on their site that the prize is equivalent to approx. USD 790,000 - how wonderfully astonishing.

Hey, Sara. An amazing amount of money, isn't it? I suppose it depends on the time that you calculate it how much it's worth in US dollars. Can you imagine the fits that would break out in the US if the government gave such money to a writer? Good for the Swedes!

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