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Nature Surplus, Ribbits, Croaks, and More

Cold and now rainy weather hasn't given us much time outside lately, but this blog carnival—Learning in the Great Outdoors #10—made me remember what it's like. You'll find entries by an entomologist and other scientists, as well as homeschoolers, teachers, a nature-loving preacher, and some of the kid-lit crowd. Tadpole catchers will also want to check out The Miss Rumphius Effect's list of amphibian books and Wild Rose Reader's original poem and her frog/toad poetry book recommendations.


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Thanks for linking to my "Leaping Lizards! It's The Year of the Frog" post. When I read Tricia's post at The Miss Rumphius Effect that 2008 was a year of the "awesome amphibians," I couldn't resist posting a froggy mask poem.

And may more children today begin exploring and learning in the great outdoors like we did when I was a child...eons ago.

As a kid, I lived outside, too, Elaine. The summers were sweltering hot down South, but we didn't care. We were having too much fun.

Thanks for the links, I definitly have to check them out - we are "growing" our own frogs in my media center/my son's 1st grade classroom - I have some pictures of their progress on my blog.

Kathy, you're welcome! Frogs in the LMC? Awesome! My son would love that.

Thanks for the promo for Learning in the Great Outdoors!

You're welcome! It's a great carnival.

Hi Susan,
I've been down with the flu, so forgive the late check-in. Thanks for linking to the list. I had fun putting it together. It reminded me of all those spring days catching tadpoles. I hope the list inspires others to do the same!

Tricia, I hope you're feeling better. And you're welcome. I love a good list, so many thanks to you! I am bummed because I can't go to a lecture on vernal pools on Saturday. Dang. I have to be somewhere else.

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