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Technical Glitches, and Chickens

Please pardon the technical problems that this site has been experiencing over the last few days. If you have tried to comment and were not able to, it is because of the glitches, not because I don't want to hear from anyone! I hope that the difficulties will be resolved soon by Typepad, the blog host, which has been quick to respond to things in the past.

Enjoy the weekend. It's a beautiful sunny day here in southern New England, and the backyard chickens are calling my name. Earlier this week Junior and I had a picnic in the yard, near their coop. Because the two hens are so food-oriented, they were not invited. Through the bars of their jail cell fencing of their run, they watched us eat, and if there is a chicken equivalent of cussing, we heard it for our entire lunch. Much staring and irate gobbling were lobbed in our direction. So now I better make it up to the girls by letting them out for a bit.


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LOL what a great picture! Sounds like a fun spring extravaganza - first picnic in the yard of the season! The ladies will have to get used to it.

Yes, it was our first picnic of the season. Kind of chilly, but it's so nice to be outside a lot again. The two hens are such characters, and make me laugh. When we picnic, we'll have to give them a treat, too, I suppose. Lately they love apples.

I made me smile to hear you say the girls, which is of course what we are calling our chickens as well--inside I have "the boys," outside "the girls..." We are up to 40 eggs!

40 eggs! Wow. That is excellent. We're getting 8-10 a week, which is still plenty. Are you enjoying owning chickens?

Yes--I like having them around, and they are slightly less work than I had feared...It makes me feel all smug everytime I get an egg, and it's also nice to have a faster way of composting spilled cheerios.

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