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The Latest Made-Up Memoir...

is Margaret B. Jones' Love and Consequences, about growing up as a foster child in South Central LA.  To its credit, the New York Times broke the story about the fabrication, but only after a glowing review by Michiko Kakutani (who called it "humane and deeply affecting") and a photo-filled profile of the author in the paper's Home section. As it turns out, the "memoirist" grew up in Sherman Oaks with her biological family and graduated from a private school in North Hollywood. Her sister spotted her in the Times' profile and contacted the publisher, Riverhead.

GalleyCat asks "Why Do We Keep Publishing Fake Memoirists"? Good question.


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Gaaah! Not again. Somehow I can't help but link this with the rise of shows like The Moment of Truth and people's unholy fascination with watching others bare their souls...followed by unintentional further soul-baring when they're revealed to be liars...

It's too weird, isn't it, A.F.? I can't imagine why the author thought she'd get away with it.

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