In Which I Was a Read-Aloud Rock Star
TV Turnoff Week, April 21st-27th

Poetry Friday: "Monosyllable"

There we were in the sunny South, spring-breaking for most of the week. That's why posting was so light around these parts. We had a great time, and Junior and I covered my parents' neighborhood on bicycles. My Southern accent returned, and I heard myself saying, "Good mornin'!" to people I didn't even know.

Anyway, since today is Poetry Friday, I'm going to send y'all back to the Poetry Foundation for one more poem by Josephine Jacobsen. This one is "Monosyllable." I wanted to mention it last week, but that post was long enough. Click here to read "Monosyllable."

Our schedule is nutty until school resumes on Monday, at which point I'll rest from our vacation.

You'll find the roundup of all the Poetry Friday posts at The Well-Read Child.


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Ooh, I really like that one. What a fabulous use of words -- they all fit, yet they're GREAT ones. Nice.

Have FUN vacationing, you lucky ...chicken!!!

TadMack, we even had to get a chicken sitter.

Glad you liked the poem!

"Chicken sitter"! Ha! That makes me laugh.

That poem is breath-taking! I wonder if I could fall in love and learn to talk like that...

Excellent poem--wow! I love it.

Isn't it cool? Glad you liked it!

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