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Here's an interesting article in the Star-Telegram about using graphic novels in the classroom; one Fort Worth teacher told journalist Sue Corbett that the genre "hooks my really strong readers and my struggling readers... They're just wild about them." If you've wondered about the genre, this is a good introduction.

Corbett's piece also mentions Toon Books, Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman's new line of comics for beginning readers. I haven't seen the books yet, but the word on the street is great. Also noteworthy, but not mentioned in the Star-Telegram article, are Innovative Kids' Phonics Comics, which fly off the shelves at our neighborhood school's library. Updated to add: Wait, wait! Perhaps I spoke too soon about the "great"ness of the Toon books; over at The Excelsior File, David E. wrote, "As comic books for emerging readers, these are fine. The problem I have is that they don't aspire to be anything more than comic book material, and to that end I find it hard to understand how they can justify their packaging and price." Read more from the always intelligent Mr. E. here.

Recently A Year of Reading, a blog written by two elementary-school teachers, devoted a week to discussing graphic novels. Begin with this post and keep reading for a good exploration of the subject.

Book Links, a publication of the American Library Association, offers a handy bibliography of graphic novels for younger kids.


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Huh. Looks like I just don't get the Toon titles the way others do.

David, I'll have to check out your review and update! Thanks.

Thanks for the link-up to our Graphic Novel Week!

My pleasure, Mary Lee.

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