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A Chicken's Bad Hair Day

Blogs to Visit, May 8th

Household repairs around here are so loud that the cat has squeezed his big self behind the bread box in an attempt to hide. I hate to tell him how visible he is. At any rate, here are some blogs to check out while I, too, am going to hide from the noise by running around town this morning.

Here in Franklin. That's Franklin, Tennessee, y'all. Observations on life, in the form of short essays like "Gas Is the New Lunch." The blog is written by my cousin-in-law, a fellow cut-up at family reunions. One day you'll have to ask us about the bus to the cemetery. (It wasn't a funeral.)

Read. Imagine. Talk. "Ideas about raising thoughtful readers, children's literature, education, and whatever else comes to mind..." by a Bank-Street-educated teacher and mom.

What Do We Do All Day? This blog about the sweet adventures of a Brooklyn mother and her preschool-aged son reminds me of days with Junior when he was a little guy. The blogger reviews "urban picture books," too, like Adèle and Simon and At Night.

Elsie and Joe Deluxe. A thoughtful blog "in which [they] tell you about [their] many works in progress: homeschooling, teaching, writing, recorder playing, knitting, spinning, home renovation, gardening, anything else that comes up."


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Thanks for plug, cuz. My niece loves Chicken Spaghetti--she's a new mom and former 3rd grade teacher. Ah yes...the famous bus ride through Texas cemetary. And that night we were entertained by the belly dancer, right?

Yep, that's right. What's a family reunion without a little belly dancing?

Thanks for the nice mention here and your comment on my blog. I have been on a bit of a computer holiday lately but I hope to have more books reviews soon. I am enjoying your posts, too!

My pleasure, Mom and Kiddo.

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