A Chicken's Bad Hair Day
"Secret Places"


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*stands, applauds, whistles*
Yay! Happy Blogversary to you! Thanks for writing - and including the chickens, too!


Happy Third Bloggiversary! Thanks for being one of the two bloggers who encouraged me to start my own kidlit blog.

I enjoy reading your "chicken stories." I know there's a children's picture book hiding somewhere in your henhouse!

Happy Bloggiversary! You were one of the first blogs I found and you almost always make me laugh or at least smile.

Thank you for all you do to promote children's books.

Congrats and Happy Bloggiversary!
I love reading your blog -- it's one that I make sure to read every day!

Thank you for all of your writing, and for your kindness as I've been starting my blog...

Have a great day!

Great to see you're still in the water after three years. Keep swimming!

TadMack, Elaine, Susan, Jenny, and Bruce, thank you! I salute you all from the hallowed heights of pasta.

Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad you are blogging. I love reading your chicken stories (and everything else).

Happy Birthday!!!

Yay, Happy Anniversary, Susan :)

It's great to have you here!!

Happy blog birthday, Susan!! Chicken Spaghetti has been one of my favorites since I first started reading blogs.

Thanks for the well wishes and kind words, Cloudscome, Anastasia, Kelly, and Jen!

Yay! Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more!

Happy anniversary! I always love stopping here. :)

Happy blogiversary, Susan!!!

Muchas gracias, Sheila, Adrienne, and Kelly!

We love reading you! Congratulations! Three years. Your blog is as old as my child.

Thank you, Stephany. C.S. and Luke are growing up together!

Congratulations! I do so enjoy your blog!

and by the way, I've tagged you for the five things meme, if you haven't done it already...

Thank you, Charlotte!

Thanks for 3 years of enjoyable posts.

I'm always late with birthday wishes. Darn it. A toast to Chicken Spaghetti!

NT, gracias!

MotherReader, I'll drink to that! Thank you for the well wishes. I enjoy being part of the children's book neighborhood.

Thanks for writing!! Hope you have another great blogging year.

Happy (belated) anniversary, Susan. For these three years, has there been a more beloved spot in my blogroll? No. There has not.

Wisteria, merci beaucoups! Wave at that Mississippi countryside for me.

Chris, I believe that you were the first commenter here! Many thanks for reading then and now.

Happy belated anniversary!! Thank goodness you and your blog exist.

Jules, 7-Imp

Thanks, Jules!

I'm behind in my blog reading, but just read the post and wanted to chime in with a happy anniversary to you and all the chickens!

Thank ye so very kindly, Becky. The chickens send their (very kooky) regards.

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