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Poetry Friday, May 23rd

Img_0596 On Fridays a number of the children's literature bloggers write about poetry, post original poems, or link to poems you can read online. Two days ago I recommended Secret Places, a picture-book anthology of poems for children. You can read that entry here.

Over at the blog Two Writing Teachers, you'll find a roundup of links to the other Poetry Friday posts today. At noon, there were already 33 entries.

Photograph: Fuzzy the backyard hen considers the teeter-totter.


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Okay, imagine this as two halves of a concrete poem, side-by-side:

Fuzzy, a backyard hen, the teeter-totter.

Thanks for the link to Secret Places--it looks great.

Oh, yeah! I love it. There you go, Sara! A concrete poem indeed.

Cuz...whassup with the chickens? Didn't you leave Mississippi to get away from chickens? I mean, I live in Tennessee and I hardly ever see chickens. Although I do pay way too much for free range eggs at the Farmer's Market. Seems like a spiffy place like Connecticut would be virtually chicken-free. Do your chickens lay eggs? I bet you don't have a cat.

Cindy, we get free range eggs for FREE! Unless you factor in the cost of the food and coop... Chickens are fun. I bet some of your neighbors have them. Our cat watches the chickens from inside the house.

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