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Poetry Friday: Wendell Berry

It's not often that Mother Earth News gets mentioned on Poetry Friday, so I'm jumping at the chance to point to its interview with Wendell Berry, Kentucky's best-known farmer/poet/essayist/novelist.

You can read Berry's "How to Be a Poet" at the Poetry Foundation. I like these lines:

                    There are no unsacred places;
                    there are only sacred places
                 and desecrated places.

The Poetry Friday roundup takes place at Biblio File today. You'll find links to many other blog posts on poetry.


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I was thinking of Wendell Barry today. He was my backup if I couldn't get a version of my poem to work decently. I love his work.

What a fabulous poem! Thanks for sharing it.

Those are lines that I will remember forever. Thank you.

I'm glad y'all liked this one. I keep meaning to read more Wendell Berry, and this serves as a reminder to myself. I know he is a big hero to Barbara Kingsolver.

Thank you for mentioning Mother Earth News on your Web site.

We appreciate the attention.

Laura Evers
Mother Earth News

My pleasure. It's an interesting interview!

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