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July Carnival Over Yonder; Blog Carnivals Explained

The blog "Read. Imagine. Talk." is hosting the July Carnival of Children's Literature. Head thataway for all kinds of reading suggestions.

The August kid-lit carnival takes place right here at Chicken Spaghetti on Monday, August 18th, with a deadline of Saturday, August 16th. Send submissions on the form at the Blog Carnival web site, or via an email to c_spaghettiATyahooDOTcom. One post per blog, please.

Here is an explanation of blog carnivals, which I lifted from a 2007 Chicken Spaghetti post.

A little more than a year ago, the author Melissa Wiley started the Carnival of Children's Literature.  Blog carnivals have been around the Internet for some time. A "carnival" takes place at one blog; it is a conglomeration of links (from many different blogs) to posts on a certain theme. Children's books and reading are the focus of the Carnival of Children's Literature. Carnivals generally include one post from each blog who wants to join in.

Do you have a post on children's books or reading that you want everyone to see? Your blog does not have to focus solely on kid lit/children's books for you to participate. The theme of the post is what's important—children's books and reading. You can submit an entry (the URL for one post on your blog) to carnival host of the month, and in fact, Melissa set up a super easy device at the mega-blog-carnival site called Blog Carnival (catchy!) to simplify submissions. You can access that by clicking here.

Many bloggers have participated in past kid-lit carnivals, including but not limited to parents, teachers, librarians, scholars, homeschoolers,  illustrators, authors, editors, and various combinations thereof. So far no school principals that I know of, but we would certainly welcome Lamar J. Spurgle (of The Cut-Ups) and his ilk.

Some carnivals are put together by the same person each month (or week) and many are constructed by a rotating group of volunteers. The latter is the case for the Carnival of Children's Literature, which takes place monthly. Since she is the founder, Melissa coordinates the carnival hosting. I put together the  March 2006 carnival, and had a blast.

If you have any questions, please ask away. The comments are open and waiting. When I first started blogging, I was confused by any number of things, and asking questions is a good way to gain knowledge.  If you want to spread the word about the Carnival of Children's Literature, feel free to copy this post; please credit Chicken Spaghetti (no need to link back here, though).


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Yay, Cut-Ups!

Jules, 7-Imp

James Marshall rules!

Is there a theme for the August carnival, or anything goes? Please let me know, thanks!

Nah, no theme this time around. As long as the post is about children's literature or reading with children, anything goes!

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