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Chicken Spaghetti Book Giveaway: Ralph's World Rocks!

Do you like Ralph? We do—he's funny. Who am I talking about? Ralph Covert, the musician behind the Ralph's World CDs for children. Ralph, who also has a rock band (the Bad Seeds), leaped into the kids' music biz in 2001. The picture book I'm giving away contains the lyrics to 12 rockin' Ralph's World songs and includes a CD. The lyrics of each song get a sweetly goofy full-page illustration (by Charise Mericle Harper), too.

Since it's also Poetry Friday, I'm going to post an excerpt from the lyrics to "We Are Ants," so that readers who don't know Ralph can get a little taste:

from "We Are Ants," by Ralph Covert

We are ants, ants in your pants,
Ants in the kitchen, ants who love to dance,
Ants who sing and go to the moon,
Why are we marching? We are ants!

If you're interested in the book/CD drawing, leave a comment. We'll put the names in a hat later this evening, and come up with a winner. The deadline is 8 p.m., tonight—Friday, July 25th. Once the winner's name is picked, I'll email him, her, or them, and get the mailing address. (Don't leave it in the comments, for your protection.)

To read about more poetry on the children's book blogs today, see the roundup at A Year of Reading.

Update: We have a winner! Gresham gets the book and CD. Congratulations.


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I would love to win the book.

I would love to win the book.

I would love to win the book.

I hope Pam wins the book and the CD, but I would like to have it, too. ;)

The book and CD sound great - I'd love to win!

Wouldn't anyone love to win this book? Thanks for including me.

I too would love to win! Thanks!

How fun! I would love to be entered! Thank you for the giveaway!

Please add my name to the mix, and thanks!

Thank you for entering, everyone! Gresham is the winner.

I came back late on purpose -- not interested in the cd (congrats to Gresham, tho) -- just wanted to make sure that you know about The Banana Slug String Band ("Dirt Made My Lunch" is a favorite) and Raffi (boy, he's looking old! ...hmmm... guess we all are, eh?).

I haven't heard the Banana Slug String Band, Mary Lee, but thanks for the heads up! We used to sing a Raffi song--the one about shaking your sillies out--a lot around here.

Johnny the K has "Dirt Made My Lunch" on his CD, as well. Along with a bunch of other great songs. He was at my daughter's (lower) school the past year, and the students still rave about him.

Binsha, I have not heard Johnny the K or that song; I'll have to keep an eye (and ear) out for both. Thanks for the recommendation.

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