Poetry Friday: Lewis Carroll
"The Brook Book"


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So has Junior asked any questions about the band's name? "Mommy, why are the ladies bare naked?" Of course, that's just the way my mind works...which is why I have my blog and you have yours!

You know, I think I started out with a pre-emptive approach, like, "Hahaha, what a funny name. They're all men, and they wear clothes." Nakedness is not nearly as funny as passing gas and burping--if you're 8.

Oh my, we are WEARING OUT "Snacktime" right now. I am actually a bit weary of it -- THAT'S how much my girls want to hear it---though I think it's an excellent CD. It doesn't get much better than "Popcorn," and I LOVE The Textures at the snack party. "I'm bland......I'm bland" makes me laugh every time.

Have you seen the video for "Drawing"? I posted it last Sunday, I think it was.

Jules, Popcorn is the greatest. I'm also quite fond of Aliens. And what is Gordon Lightfoot saying that he likes in Snacktime? I should look at the lyrics.

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