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"Growing Good Kids" Awards 2008

9780763634612 (2) On July 26th the Junior Master Gardener Program and the American Horticultural Society handed out their annual "Growing Good Kids" book awards for "engaging, inspiring works of plant, garden, and ecology-themed children's literature." The honored books are

The Old Tree, by Ruth Brown

image courtesy of Candlewick Press


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I didn't even know about this award so I am very grateful to your post. Now I'm going ot have to look up all the older winners too. Thanks!

Susan, I've discovered some good books through this award and the classics list, too.

The "Mother Earth and Her Children" book is beautiful; the illustrations come from a quilt.

I haven't read any posts in so long, and have just started poking around and catching up as things quieten down around here. And great new look, Susan!

I had to say something about the "Mother Earth" book. I bought it as a baby present for a friend who has a newborn and also two older children (three and five) -- something for the whole family to enjoy at storytime. It's rather reminiscent of the Elsa Beskow books, and I love the quilting aspect -- one of the new baby's grandmothers is an ardent quilter... Oh, and I had a hard time getting it away from my 10yo daughter so I could wrap it!

Hey, Becky! I'm glad you chimed in on the Mother Earth book, which is lovely indeed.

I saw the Mother Earth quilt at the International Quilt Festival last November. It was the most breathtaking quilt I have ever seen. I got an autographed copy of the book there too.

I know someone who wrote one of these type do they submit for the award?

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