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Poetry Friday: Lewis Carroll

Happy 4th of July and happy Poetry Friday! Today's poem is "A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky," by Lewis Carroll. Kinda melancholic for a national holiday, but still enjoyable. It's an acrostic poem, by the way. See what the first letters of each line spell out. You'll recognize the name.

            A boat beneath a sunny sky,
            Lingering onward dreamily
            In an evening of July —

            Children three that nestle near,
            Eager eye and willing ear,
            Pleased a simple tale to hear —

Read the whole poem at the Poetry Foundation.

More poems can be found at the Poetry Friday roundup at the blog In Search of Giants. Don't miss the Bad Poetry poem that the crew of Seven Impossible Things wrote. Truly nutty, and inspired. You'll find it at author Lynn E. Hazen's Imaginary Blog.


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Kind of haunting and chilling, isn't it?

"In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream — "

Gives me goose bumps!

Yeah, me, too. "Autumn frosts have slain July"--very chilling.

(I generally read you in my Reader so I hadn't seen your new "face." Looks great!)

Oh, this is at once beautiful and ...hideous. The hidden name, the dreamy passivity and the mention of death -- summers dying, autumn killing.... Yikes. Mr. Carroll needed therapeutic intervention, perhaps.

TadMack, I changed the "theme" just last week. I'm not quite sure it works, but I did like the books.

r.e. Lewis Carroll, I know what you mean!

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