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Around Town, 7.29

"On the Books," with Marc Tyler Nobleman

Welcome to a new series at Chicken Spaghetti in which people talk about what they're reading: books for children, books for adults, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, magazine articles—anything they'd like to recommend.

Today's guest is Marc Tyler Nobleman, the author of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman, an acclaimed new picture-book biography illustrated by Ross MacDonald. Wired's GeekDad wrote in his review, "The book, published in honor of the 70th anniversary of Action Comics #1, is an excellent read, for kids and adults alike. My seven-year-old son read the whole thing in about fifteen minutes, pronounced it 'great,' and then read it again the next day (entirely voluntarily)."

Also a cartoonist, Nobleman blogs at Noblemania, and says, "My current writing interest is picture books on people whose achievement is well-known but whose name and back story are not (i.e. who created Superman?)."

ST: So, whatcha reading these days, Marc?

MTN: What I'm reading right now...truth be told, mostly research for other projects! But I've always got a recommendation. For adults, a favorite of a few years ago is Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The ending was so compelling I had to stand in the middle of Grand Central to finish it. For younger readers, a picture book I really liked was Mack Made Movies by Don Brown. Just the kind of quirky subject we need more of in picture books!


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This will be a fun series! It's always interesting to find out what others are reading!

The blog version of word of mouth--now I have to find that Don Brown book that Marc mentioned!

I love your new series! Woot!

Thanks, Jules. I always like hearing what everybody else is into.

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