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8 Year Old Mulls Over College

Yesterday we drove down to the New York Botanical Garden to see the fabulous Henry Moore sculptures and other exhibits. As we passed Fordham University, which is across the street from the NYBG, Junior and his dad had the following conversation:

Dad: Junior, that's Fordham. It's a college. Maybe, when you're old enough for college, you'll go there. It's a good school.

Junior: Oh no I won't.

Dad: That's a long way off, anyway.


Junior: Maybe I'll go there. I saw a McDonald's, and I like McDonald's.


Flower and bee at the NYBG, by Junior:


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Well, you know, cafeteria food might be just as bad...

Well, the good news is that Junior should be happy going to college just about anywhere :)


Good one, Kelly.

My seven-year old is convinced he'll go to college - MINE! He says it is the only one he'll consider because he doesn't want to miss seeing me every day, and here insists there is no way he's going somewhere that requires him to sleep away from home!

It makes me smile, but the inevitable change in attitude will surely break my heart!

OOPS! - Darn spell check! HE insists...

Hey, y'all. Kids are so funny. If a handy McDonald's is the criterion, yeah, Junior is all set!

Junior's photograph is terrific! Bees ain't easy. As for college, I just hope he doesn't decide to major in Chicken McNuggets.

MJN, almost all the photos he took at the NYBG were of bees, including one of a "bee's big butt."

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