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Carnival of Children's Literature: The Beach Edition, August 2008

Welcome to the beach party. Surf's up, y'all! It's still summer, and let's see who's in the swim at the August Carnival of Children's Literature. But, first, an announcement from the lifeguard: next month's carnival takes place on September 21st at Jenny's Wonderland of Books. Submission details here.

Okay, so bring on the waves!

IMG_1148 Stephanie salutes the mighty Captain in All Hail Captain Underpants at Throwing Marshmallows, and Sarah N. brings a bunch of cool Picture Books About the Beach in her tote bag, at In Need Of Chocolate.

Over there under a beach umbrella, Rebecca Reid considers Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, along with Seth Lerer's new book, Children's Literature: A Reader's History from Aesop to Harry Potter, at Rebecca Reads. Sonja Cole has a video camera, and screens Video Wednesday: Sara Pennypacker and Clementine at Kid Lit Kit.

Who's that setting up the picnic table? Jama Rattigan—and she's chatting with Tanita Davis about Tanita's excellent new YA novel, A La Carte. The Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast bloggers arrive with pimiento-cheese sandwiches, Moosewood takeout, and an interview of Suzy Lee, author and illustrator of Wave, a wordless picture book.

Chiming in from the West Coast, Eva Mitnick reports on SCBWI - Los Angeles 2008 at Book Addiction. (SCBWI stands for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.)

Becky is busy stocking the beach house with lots of titles from Starcross (at Becky's Book Reviews) to Oliver Finds His Way (at Young Readers), and Sherry Early presents Canada Day: Reading Through Canada at Semicolon, while Susan Gaissert reminds everyone that Little Women Live On at The Expanding Life.

Even though it's still warm out, GrrlScientist gives us a reason to look forward to December: Harry Potter's The Tales of Beedle the Bard to Be Published, at Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted).

IMG_1072 Fiona Veitch Smith takes a break from sand-castle building to ask What makes a good children's book? at The Crafty Writer, and to mull over Children's Literature and the Quest for the Divine, at Fiona Veitch Smith. Karen Mikolainis wonders about What to bring to a "no gifts" children's birthday party? at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books.

Aahz stops by to talk about Harry Potter and the Marketing Mania Meltdown at Philaahzophy, and
Patricia Twitchell tells a story, The Adventures of Penny Pincher: Penny Pincher Helps Patricia with Her Gardening, at Just Bears and Stuff.

IMG_0810 That was fun! If you'd like to see more pictures, I hope you'll visit Sherwood Island 365, my new blog of photos taken at a state park on the Long Island Sound. Watch out for jellyfish, though.


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Thank you for the carnival and for including my post.

Thanks for your contribution!

Great carnival. I like the way you've put a bit of creativity into it, not like many that simply list off the articles as submitted. Well done!

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by!

Thats a lotta links! Thank you for putting this all together!

The only sand I've seen this summer is in the sandbags keeping the floodwaters out of the hall! Thanks for the links and for the fun carnival. As a first-timer I feel most welcome :)

Karen and Fiona, thanks for your contributions. I had a good time putting together the carnival; the Blog Carnival site makes it very easy, sending the HTML format and everything.

Wonderful! Thanks for doing this.

Thanks for putting this together. I'm glad I've found this carnival!

It's nice of you to put up a compilation of good books for the children to read. Thanks for this, it's a big help for everyone, not just for the kids but for the adults as well.

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