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On the Books, with Betsy Howie

ImageDB.cgi  Welcome to "On the Books," a new series devoted to the timeless question, "Whatcha reading?"

Today's guest is author and playwright Betsy Howie, whose first picture book, The Block Mess Monster, was published in May. Illustrated by C.B. Decker, it's a funny story of a mom and daughter who view the disarray in the daughter's room as entirely different things. "The Block Mess Monster does not want me to put him away," the daughter states.  School Library Journal said, "There are many picture-book stories that urge youngsters to clean their room, but this perfect pairing of text and illustrations is irresistible."

Let's hear from Betsy:

What I'm reading... Mudbound, a novel (for adults) by Hillary Jordan.  Actually, I finished  it, last night at 1 a.m.  I didn't mean to keep reading but there wasn't really a choice with the characters behaving as badly as they were.  I had to finish it and see if there was any redemption.  It's a terrible story, beautifully written with incredibly compelling characters,set in the Mississippi Delta just after World War II.  My daughter's first-grade teacher recommended it to me, and I find it's always best to do what the teacher says... which is why we're also reading The Secret Garden, and thankfully, we're only on Chapter 15, so I still have something great to read tonight!


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I still love this series!

(And The Block Mess Monster is some good readin', too).

Jules, 7-Imp

Thanks, Jules!

We thought "The Block Mess Monster" was a stitch.


Thanks for stopping by. We enjoyed Betsy's book.

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