Thursday Afternoon Coffee Break, 8.28.08
The 39 Clues, in the Book and on the Web

Poetry Friday: Homeschoolers & Poetry, at the Poetry Foundation

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone. I hope you'll scoot over to the Poetry Foundation's online edition and read "Home Appreciation," an article I wrote about the joyful approach several homeschooling families take to poetry. You'll get a armload of recommendations for books to seek out, too. As a public-school mom, I've learned a lot from the homeschooling bunch. And even more verse talk can be found on Friday morning at Charlotte's Library; Charlotte is rounding up all the kid-lit blog posts on poetry.

And, again, that link is 1-800 "Home Appreciation," by Susan Thomsen, at the Poetry Foundation.


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What a great article. I'm glad that as librarians and homeschoolers and public schoolers and writers, we can all learn from each other.

Thanks, Sherry!

Great article, Susan. Congrats and thanks for the great ideas from others quoted in the article. We do, indeed, all learn from each other.

Thank you, Karen. And thank you for chatting about poetry with me for the article!

Terrific article, Susan, and how wonderful to have such a great resource just as the school year is starting for so many of us!

As Karen says, we do all learn from each other, and I still marvel after several years of Poetry Fridays about all the friendships I've made, resources I've discovered, and opportunities my kids and I have had to enlarge our world through poetry.

Thanks again, Susan, for including us. Great fun!

Aren't ALL parents home schoolers, whether their kids attend public school or not?

Sign me:
Wishful Thinking

Becky, thanks! Some of the roots of this article were in the great discussions of the Cybils poetry group a couple of years ago. And in all the Poetry Friday discussions.

I'm a wishful thinker, too, Mary Lee, but I'm always surprised when I meet a parent who doesn't use the library because she is "not really a big reader." I was just re-reading Mem Fox's book about reading aloud, and she was asking, who doesn't have time for ten minutes (of read aloud time) a day?

Anyway, I'm hoping that the article will be helpful for all parents! The conversations here in the kidlitosphere--between teachers, homeschoolers, librarians, children's book fans--have been SO useful to me personally.

Great article!

Thanks, Ruth! I actually found one of the books mentioned in the article--the Random House anthology--at a library sale recently. $3! I was thrilled. I'd read through it before, but didn't own a copy.

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