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International Rock-Flipping Day, Sept. 7th

1289407473_50af3d1f97_m rock International Rock Flipping Day, September 7th, sounds like something a six year old invented, but the credit goes to several grown-up nature enthusiasts, including one "doyenne of invertebrate bloggers." Turn over a rock, see and identify what's under it, and write a blog post or submit a Flickr set of photos. I am so there. Junior has flipped rocks for three years after studying pill bugs in first grade.

According to the blog Via Negativa,

"In case you missed all the hoopla last year, here’s the post that started it all, and last year’s participants are linked here. On 9/2/2007, people flipped rocks on four continents on sites ranging from mountaintops to urban centers to the floors of shallow seas. Rock-flippers found frogs, snakes, and invertebrates of every description, as well as fossils and other cool stuff. As before, we advise wearing gloves for protection, and getting the whole family involved — or if you don’t have a family, rope in some neighborhood kids. Be sure to replace all rocks as soon as possible after documenting whatever lies beneath them."

More details are at Via Negativa. A description of one participant's experiences last year can be found at the blog of Marcia Bonta, a writer and naturalist.

Although it isn't exactly about flipped rocks, one similar book that we liked was Jean Craighead George's All Upon a Sidewalk, a middle-grade title about an ant, Lasius Flavus, and her search for food in a big city. An older nonfiction selection that holds up just fine.


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How cool! I'm a little scared to do this in Glasgow, though. Must flee to the country to find rocks without black slugs beneath them... have seen a few too many of those!

I think it sounds cool, too, TadMack.

Slugs aren't my fave, either. Ew. I may head to the beach.

We are so there! Unless it is raining.

Excellent, Charlotte. Hope Hanna doesn't soak y'all too much. So far it's barely even raining here.

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