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Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken

9780060755546louise chicken  "Louise watched the black-sailed ship draw near. Her heart beat fast within her feathered breast. Here, at last, was true adventure!"

That's from Kate DiCamillo's latest work, a picture book illustrated by Harry Bliss. Louise, as in Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken, sallies forth from the farm not once but thrice and returns bearing epic tales. The plot...well, I don't know. Do I really need to talk about a plot? I'll say the events are both dramatic and guffaw-inducing; then I'll cut to the end: there's no place like home—a conclusion reached by not only Louise (and Dorothy) but also the venturesome chickens in books like Daisy Comes Home, Big Chickens Fly the Coop, and Minerva Louise and the Red Truck. Harry Bliss's swashbuckling art work in Louise gives children lots to study and laugh over.


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I think I've got this one on hold from the library. Looks great. Can't wait to see it.

We're liking it a lot; it's on the frequent-play list here. Tell me what you think when you and your kiddos read it, Jules.

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