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Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th-October 15th

Jen Robinson's Book Page was kind enough to give Chicken Spaghetti a shout-out recently, and I want use this fine opportunity to pay it forward and mention some sites celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Por que no? Why not!

The Paper Tigers site is chock full of dulces right now, including an interview with Pam Muñoz Ryan, an illustrators' gallery, and book reviews. A terrific starting place to gather ideas.

My World-Mi Mundo. What's up in Columbus, OH? There are some mighty fine kid-lit blogs in that town. Stella, an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, has been dishing out recommendation after recommendation of children's books to read during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Literanista compiles a long list of Latino authors on the web.

As always, La Bloga bursts at the seams with literary news and reviews.

Gina Ruiz redesigned her AmoXcalli blog, which covers Hispanic lit and books of all kinds. Very spiffy! She also blogs about Latino children's and YA books at Cuentesitos.

Amo el Internet.


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Yup. Some people think Columbus, OH exists solely to support OSU and the Buckeyes (or Bug-eyes as some un-fans call them). But the truth is, OSU and the Buckeyes exist solely to support great bloggers!


There you go, Mary Lee! You and Franki and the folks at My World-Mi Mundo, Creative Literacy, and Literate Lives--as well as Cover to Cover--(are there more blogs?) have me thinking of Columbus as a kid-lit town!

Ummm..that should be our new nickname" Columbus: Home of the Kid-Lit Bloggers. Ha's true thou! THanks for the nice sum up on Hispanic Month! Thanks for helping spread the word!

Stella, you're welcome. You've got some great reading suggestions up.

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