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Wednesday Quotes and Links, 9.10.08

I love the way kids think. A young neighbor was filling out a getting-to-know-you questionnaire from her new teacher, and one of the questions was "What do you like best about school?" Her answer: "The water fountains."

Some links on this blue-skyed September Wednesday:

"Rowling Wins Lawsuit Against Potter Lexicon," by John Eligon, at the New York Times. See also "Top 8 Things to Know About the Lexicon Ruling," by Liz Burns at the blog A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy. Liz has a link to a PDF of the ruling itself.

The Booker short list was announced yesterday.

Lots of literary celebrations are coming up this fall: the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 14th; the National Book Festival, in D.C. on September 27th; and the Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature, sponsored by the Westport, CT, public library, October 23rd-25th. Registration for the last one is open; everything except a dinner with the authors is free.

Blog World & New Media Expo hits Las Vegas September 20th-21st. I'm not going, but I would want to hear some of the keynote speeches. I'm also curious about this seminar, "Marketing to (Mommy) Bloggers." The Blog World web site describes it:

Marketers and PR people have found that Mommybloggers are the holy grail for their advertising. The problem with that is that many of them are going about it all wrong. This teaches marketers how to reach out and teaches Mom bloggers how to own the fact that they are a brand and what to do with that brand.


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I homeschool my three kids, and one day my daughter (then 5) sighed heavily and said "I miss kindergarten." Stricken, I said to her "What do you miss about it?" thinking of course, of a million different things she might be missing.

"I miss Snack," she said wistfully.

Misty water-colored memories--of crackers and milk. That's wonderful.

The Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature is awesome. Each year the line-up of authors and illustrators teaches me more about ones I'm familiar with and introduces me to someone new. I'm looking forward to hearing this year's group of Mo Willems, David Wiesner, Grace Lin, E.B. Lewis, Steve Jenkins and Barbara McClintock. The field trip to Weston Woods studios is fun and the dinner gives an intimate setting to get to know the authors. Nick Clark of the Eric Carle Museum opens the festival on Thursday night. People come from all over for this free, endowed festival in honor of Robert Lawson. Primarily for adults, it's a unique time. Try it!

Thanks, Ann!

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