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Children's Books Go to the Birds

Breakfast with Links, 10.20.08

IMG_1897 Cue up the Isley Brothers song "Who's That Lady?" ("I would love to take her home/But her heart is made of stone") No doubt you recognize the Statue of Liberty. We waved at her from afar during a recent voyage on the Circle Line.


Looking for some good new reads? The longlists for the 2008 Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards offer many.

At the blog Mitali's Fire Escape, author Mitali Perkins reprints her acceptance speech at the Jane Addams Book Awards. Geared to 8 to 12 year olds, her prize-wining novel Rickshaw Girl was one of our favorite read-alouds last summer. (Read a review at Paper Tigers.)

People are talking about Andrew Sullivan's "Why I Blog," in the November issue of The Atlantic. (via Educating Alice)

"Reaching an Autistic Teenager," by Melissa Fay Greene, at the New York Times Magazine, is a fascinating article; parents of non-autistic children can borrow some of the ideas used by a small school for autistic youth, too.

Bill Clinton recommends a book at Tina Brown's new site, The Daily Beast. GalleyCat reports on increased sales of Evelyn Waugh's Scoop, the novel from which Brown took the name of her publication.

The blog Picture Book of the Day is the site of the weekly conglomeration of links about nonfiction for children.

Bookmobiles are nice, but here's something special: a biblioburro, in Colombia. (via the New York Times)

Photo credit: Susan Thomsen. All rights reserved.


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Nice tidbits in here, thanks so much! And the article on autistic youth made me think of Cynthia Lord's "Rules," which is a heartfelt story on this matter... : )

HaHa--remember when WE did the Circle Line? I think it mostly consisted of drinking beer and laughing at all the other people. Of course, that was a LONG time ago and we would never act that way now.

I want to read "Rules." Thanks for the reminder, Gottawrite.

Cindy, that was the last time I was on the Circle Line! Our guide did talk incessantly, just like the one in the 80s. And he scolded the people in front of us for talking while he was talking. Sheesh. That's why it's good to have a camera and get out of the cabin and take pics! We had a great time.

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