Breakfast with Links, 10.20.08
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Children's Books Go to the Birds


Browsing around Etsy, the "online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade," I happily stumbled across these decorative birdhouses made out of Little Golden Books. (I wonder how many books one would need to make a chicken coop...) Little Acorn Products is the shop that creates and sells them. Do you recognize Scuffy the Tugboat, above? How about the Poky Little Puppy?


I just started reading the illustration-rich Golden Legacy (Golden Books, 2007), by children's book historian Leonard Marcus, and look forward to finding out "How Golden Books Won Children's Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became an American Icon Along the Way." I doubt there's any mention of birdhouses, which perhaps constitute a new chapter for the sturdy books.

The images here are used with the permission of Little Acorn Designs.


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(oops, I think my computer lost this comment)
I think you'd need an armload of those coffee table books for a chicken coop, but what a fabulous idea!

Yeah, TadMack, I'd probably have to use art books!

I'm happy to create any custom birdhouse [or chicken coop] you can dream up! There are beautiful way to display your love of literature in your home or garden!

Kristen, the girls in the backyard (two hens, actually) would be intrigued!

That would be one BIG book! :O)

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