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On the Books, with YA Author Tanita S. Davis

Www.randomhouse.comalacarte  A big welcome goes out to Tanita S. Davis, the author of  A la Carte (Knopf, 2008), a young-adult novel—with recipes. Powell's even classifies the book as "gastronomic literature." I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Lainey, a teenaged vegetarian chef who must decide to what lengths she will go for an increasingly troubled friend. You can read an excerpt over at the publisher's place. Another novel, Mare's War, is scheduled for June 2009.

A blogging friend from way back, Tanita and I often like to chat about chickens, but this morning I have a bookish question for her: What are you reading these days? Let's hear from Tanita.

I'm reading Canadian author K.V. Johansen's THE STORYTELLER, which is a collection of short fiction for older teens and adults where nothing is exactly as it seems. There are gods and demons, enchanted swords, bravery and tragedy on an epic scale for such a short book. Also, in honor of his general awesomeness and his continuing battle with Alzheimer's Disease, I'm re-reading all 36 of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, and I’m GOING POSTAL this month, which is GREAT. Next up on my bedside table is THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU, by Heather Duffy Stone.

Tanita and her colleague Sarah Stevenson blog at Finding Wonderland and Readers' Rants.

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Yay! What a great feature (and thanks for the plug!).

Any time, A. Fortis! Thanks for the nice words.

I really enjoy these features; thanks for asking me!

I'm so glad that you could stop by, Tanita! Thank YOU.

Thanks for the post, Susan, and I also like Finding Wonderland, which I found through you!

There's lots of good reading at Finding Wonderland, isn't there!

WOO HOO, TadMack!

I keep wanting to read those Discworld books, but I am afraid that when I start they will keep me from doing anything else for a month. That's how it usually goes with me and series.

I had no idea Pratchett had Alzheimers. How sad.

I can't flippin' wait to read TadMack's book. I started it, barely read any, had to put it down, 'cause I was too swamped to focus. Ergh. I need to take another blog break.

I've never read any Discworld either, but I'm sure I will be in a few years when my boys are a bit older, and they bring them home...

But what does Tanita mean by GOING POSTAL???? Does it mean mailing a new book of her own off??? If so, congratulations!

Adrienne, TadMack rocks. Agreed.

Jules, isn't that so sad about Terry Pratchett? I LOVED A la Carte.

Charlotte, Going Postal is the title of one of Pratchett's books. Can't wait to read TadMack's next novel!

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