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Breakfast with Links, 10.20.08

Poetry Friday: Mary Ann Hoberman, New Laureate

The big news in the world of children's poetry is that Mary Ann Hoberman is the new children's poet laureate, succeeding Jack Prelutsky. The Poetry Foundation, which created the laureateship with its bountiful endowment, announced Hoberman's appointment earlier this month; the Foundation's web site currently features an article on her long career.

Here at Chicken Spaghetti, I've written about the poet's work on several Poetry Fridays:

Mary Ann Hoberman

Mary Ann Hoberman's "Fish"

"You Read to Me, I'll Read to You"

Mary Ann Hoberman's "Snow"

For more poetics on this beautiful October morning, check the roundup of links at Becky's Book Reviews. Everyone with an interest in poetry, children's or otherwise, is welcome to submit a post and participate.



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I read her poem, Brother, and just cracked up. She's lots of fun!

Thanks for the poetic update! : )

She is fun, TadMack. Lots of wordplay in her poems.

De nada, Gottawrite!

congratulations to dear Mary Ann on this well-deserved honor!

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