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Poetry Friday: October 24th

Poetry Friday, a roundup of blog posts, takes place at Big A, little a today.

Last night I was happy to meet Grace Lin and Elaine Magliaro, bloggers at Blue Rose Girls—and  two of the kidlitosphere's favorite poets. We heard Nick Clark's opening talk at the Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature; Grace is one of the festival's starring author-illustrators, along with Steve Jenkins, E.B. Lewis, Barbara McClintock, David Wiesner, and Mo Willems.

So, in honor of Grace and Elaine, I'm going to send you to the Blue Rose Girls blog. You may not see a Poetry Friday entry for today, but there's still plenty of good reading.

Poetry Friday explained, at the Poetry Foundation.


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Today The Write Sisters offer up The Nuns of Childhood: Two Views.

Hey there, Susan,

I finally got to see the inside of Weston Woods today! I'll be at the festival tomorrow too.

Hi Susan,
Ruth Bavetta sent me to your site and I love it! I'm a children's book writer (Zoom! and I Can Do It Myself!, which comes out in Spring 2009)and love all the news and links that you have. You are now on my favorites list. A group of writer friends and I are starting up a blog called One Potato...Ten and I will send them to your site. I can't wait to look around it some more! Diane Adams

Julie, I loved the Weston Woods tour I took a couple of years ago. I will try to come tomorrow morning. I want to hear everybody talk!

Janet, head over the the blog Big A, little a (which is linked), and leave the URL of your post. I'm not on roundup duties today; I can see why it looks like I am since I just have the date there. Sorry to be confusing!

Diane, great! I look forward to hearing more about your books. Can't wait to see your new blog, too.

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