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Around the Town, 11.17.08: Polacco, Sci. Lit, Blog Blast, Complaining, BBQ

Travis at 100 Scope Notes spent an afternoon with beloved children's book author Patricia Polacco, and posts about the experience at his blog. We were just reading Some Birthday last night. Thank you, Mr. Scope Notes.

The Joy of Children's Literature blog points readers to "Beautiful Science: Ideas That Changed the World," an exhibit of science books at the Huntington Library, in San Marino, CA. The Joy also refers to The Mysterious Universe, a kids' book that sounds pretty cool. (It's a Cybils nominee.)

Interviews with many big-name children's and YA authors are on the blogs this week, courtesy of the Winter Blog Blast Tour. Chasing Ray has the master schedule.

Author Joe Queenan complains about positive book reviews, at the New York Times Book Review.

Calvin Trillin tackles Texas barbecue, at The New Yorker. I can't wait to read this! Also, here is the Texas Monthly article Trillin refers to. This subject has absolutely nothing to do with children's literature, but we all have to eat, right? And since we have to eat, let it be BBQ.

The November Carnival of Children's Literature, a roundup of links to blog posts on kids' books, is up and running. Click here.


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My brain being a perverse thing, it has now set "let it be BBQ" to the old Lowenbrau song. Thanks for that?

Ha, Kelly. That's probably where I got the phrase--without even realizing it!

Hey, thanks for including me in Around the Town. It's nice to see my name pop up on a blog I love to read. Thanks.

Travis, you're welcome.

Jr. loves the books so much that we've even thought of going to the Meteor Festival in July!

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