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Blog the Vote: The White House


The following excerpt is from David McCullough's introduction to the must-have new book Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out, created by 108 authors and illustrators and the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance:

The White House is the most important, the most famous, the most historic, the most beloved house in all the land, and it is filled with—no, overflowing with—stories...stories reflecting and embodying the drama of mighty historic events without, and of altogether human stories within...Indeed, little there is in the infinite range of human experience that has not happened there. But then, that is what history is—human—and that is why we can never know enough about it.


By voting, I help write history. Please join me at the polls on Tuesday.


Chasing Ray has links to all the Blog the Vote posts at the book blogs.

I borrowed the White House logo, which is a public-domain image, from Wikimedia Commons.


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I just bought this book last week! Now, I need a chance to sit down and appreciate it. The booksellers at one of my favorite local bookstores are reserving specific copies for the various featured authors and illustrators to sign as they come through. I'm planning to do the same.

Alkelda, I am really enjoying the book. I am hoping to interest Junior in more of it; so far he has only wanted to hear about when the White House burned during the War of 1812. I have to figure out some more ways to incorporate history into our life. I think we may need a trip to Plimoth Plantation before Thanksgiving, for one!

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