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Sweet Season


I get a kick out of elementary school bulletin boards. This morning I spent some time reading a Thanksgiving display of student work; each of the following mini-essays was written on a meticulously crayoned paper turkey.  The authors are around 6 or 7. I chose two favorites among many.

I am thankful for Mom and dad. Also For turkey and books.


I am thankful for my wrestler toys because I like to play with them all day and all month.


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I am doing the same thing this week - the kids are filling out Thankful Turkeys and I am putting them on my bulletin board outside the media center - some of them are VERY funny!

That's great. We do "gratefuls" before every meal, and the strangest, most unexpected things come out of our wee ones' mouths when we do them. It's always fun.

Kathy, I love reading the BBs at the 2 elementary schools where I volunteer. Kids' writing is great--and unpredictable, as Jules says. Jules, I tried to institute gratitude moments at meals, but it flopped. Maybe we could try again.

If you looked at the bulletin board outside my room, you could see evidence of the big debate we had about whether it is a personal or a civic responsibility to take baths and brush teeth. In their pictures and/or venn diagrams, some students came down firmly on one side or the other, while others were more open-minded and declared it to fit in both categories.

Oh, the untold stories behind our displays...

Oh, I would love to see that one, Mary Lee.

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