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Thanks! I've only read two of these books and heard of about three more, so I'm happy to add to my list.

thanks for this....great way to see the artwork

Great slide show. I am always looking for more well illustrated children's books. I am new to book blogging and wanted to introduce myself. So here I am, not sure what else to say other than I am excited to know that there is a community of kidlit blogs that I can be part of.

Maureen, you're welcome. I've only read one of them. I'm going to my library's web site and will put a couple of these titles on hold.

Feener, you're welcome! I like that slide show, too.

Caribookscoops, welcome to the literary blogosphere! It's so much fun. Thank you for stopping by and saying howdy. I hope you'll participate in Poetry Fridays and the next Carnival of Children's Literature, two of the longstanding (e.g. more than a year) traditions here in the "kidlitosphere."

It has been a great year for picture books! The only one I hadn't heard about is Skim...That will go on my to read gn shelf!

WOW, I can't believe how few of these books I have read!

Thanks for the link - guess I have some books to check out!

Thanks for the head's up on this, don't know how I missed it. Looks like I have some catching up to do, I'm only familiar with a few of these...

Stacy, I have a lot of catching up to do in the picture-book department. I definitely look forward to that.

Kathy, you're welcome. I'm headed to the local library, too.

David, the books will be in tomorrow's paper, I believe. The slide show was just posted yesterday.

WOW. And *so* many of these are Cybils picks. Whoo!

I've been at a workshop with teachers all day. When I came home I posted about this. I guess I should have read through my blog links first! (You are so on top of things!)

I am surprised that there are so many on the list I haven't even seen. I guess that's bound to happen when I focus on nonfiction. I was happy to see River of Words on the list. We Are the Ship is a no-brainer. I wonder how it will fare in the Caldecott competition?

TadMack, thanks for the Cybils tip. I did not even realize that.

Tricia, for some reason, I'm always looking in the wrong direction when it comes to the Caldecotts; I never get it right. I just requested a few of these from the library. Boy, I love that online card catalogue.


There is probably a link somewhere I just haven't found it yet. But what is is Poetry Fridays and the Carnivel Of Literature? Sounds intriguing.

I'm a little disappointed. No Friday My Radio Flyer Flew?

Cari, a lot of the children's books blogs post about poetry on Fridays. Someone volunteers to round up the links at his or her blogs, and it makes some fun reading. The blog "Big A, little a" keeps a running list of who's hosting. Here is a link for an article I wrote about Poetry Friday, which explains even more:


The Carnival of Children's Literature is a monthly conglomeration of links to posts about kids' books. Here is an old explanation, but it still applies:

Bill, I don't know that one. Will find! I was disappointed On the Farm, illustrated by Holly Meade, wasn't on there.

Oh my, there are so many in there I need to go get from my library RIGHT NOW.

Jules, don't you love the library? I don't know where I'd be without the one here--crying in my beer, most likely.

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