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Easy Reading: How to Drive Your Sister Crazy

Bradley Harris Pinkerton delights in playing tricks on his older, teenaged sister, Abby. In four short chapters, Bradley succeeds in his mission, mentioned in the book's title.

Chapter 1 of How to Drive Your Sister Crazy begins,

Do you have a big sister?

Do you know how to drive her crazy?

Take it from me,

Bradley Harris Pinkerton.

I'm good at it.

The publisher places How to Drive Your Sister Crazy in the "reading with help" category of "high-interest stories for developing readers." Because of concerns about the portrayal of the sister, I have to put the book on the Stereotype Shelf. Abby is scared of snakes, always on the phone in her all-purple bedroom, and devoted to beautifying rituals. On many pages, she also appears to be shrieking.

Also odd was this scene that sets up a joke (ringing underwear) at the book's conclusion.

        Set the alarm clock

        for 3:00 in the morning, and put it

        in your sister's underwear drawer.

        NOTE: Do NOT touch her underpants.


My 9-year-0ld son thought this book was way funny.

Sometimes, though, funny isn't everything.

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy, written by Diane Z. Shore and illustrated by Laura Rankin, is a nominee for a 2008 Cybils award.


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I'm really good at driving my sister crazy. Tuesday was her 48th birthday. I had about 30 people she's never met send her e-mails saying Happy 49th Birthday!!! She figured it out pretty quickly. I bought her lunch to make up for it.

Cindy, YOU are a scamp, too.

I just recently read this book. I thought the title sounded interested, I have a sister and I am sure I can drive her crazy and I did a great job I am sure. Anyway I had some of the same concerns as you, the sister is in an all purple room and putting the alarm clock in her underpants. Interesting. It is definitely funny!

Forgive my grammar. It's late and I am tired.

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