From My State to Yours: Happy Holidays
Easy Reading: Maybelle Goes to Tea

Post-Holiday Miscellany

Several days after Santa's visit, Junior is glued to his new Nintendo DS games, but I'm hoping he'll pause at some point to read Nic Bishop's Frogs, one of his other presents. We're relaxing, eating like we're squirrels storing up for the winter, and appreciating the slow pace of the school break. I've read three books so far. Hope you have, too!


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Watch out for those video games. They're very addictive, especially to teenage boys. Take it from me!
And read "Boys Adrift."

Douglas, gosh, I can see the video-game thing already; we've already wondered if the DS was a good idea. It definitely takes up some time that could be spent reading. Will check out "Boys Adrift."

Oh, Susan, I'm with ya! My parents got Kiddo a DS for Christmas (at our suggestion) and it's been NONSTOP for the past 4 days - in fact, we've started putting some time limits on it. I got her the "Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys & Girls" because I thought it would be fun...I can't get her to even glance at it. Siiiiigh.

Yes, it's been nonstop here, too, Laura. We are coming up with limits to start Jan. 1.

The Betty Crocker cookbook does sound fun. Jr. and I have plans to make a spice cake for the grandparents.

I've indulged in lots of reading, also! Your analogy about eating like squirrels storing up for winter is so true here, as well. :)
Happy New Year!

Karen, the treadmill is calling my name for '09!

Happy New Year to you, too.

Lucas seems to go through phases where he wants to play videogames a lot, and then he'll forget about them for a few days, and then he'll want to play again. It seems to mostly balance out.

That's good to know--that it balances out. Today we made a spice cake and did other things.

One thing we've considered is "buying" DS time...for every minute that Kiddo reads, she earns a minute on the DS. So part of her daily homework from school is 20 minutes of reading, which would then "buy" her 20 minutes of DS time.

But I'm not sure yet. It seems like it might make her dread reading even more...

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