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Time for a Little History

I'm looking forward to Christmas vacation and a respite from duties like homework monitor. I'll get to a few books that I've been meaning to read forever. One is A Little History of the World, newly out in paperback. Since it's a book for children, I'm hoping the homeworker will consent to hearing it read aloud, but even if he is too immersed in such intellectual pursuits as Poptropica, I'll have time for the book without breaking for "What about the math!"

E.H. Gombrich's 304-page A Little History of the World is "the story of man from the Stone Age to the Atomic Bomb." Initially issued in German in the 1930s, the book was later revised by Gombrich, and then re-published in English a few years ago. It went on to receive excellent reviews. To read the book's interesting publishing history, complete with audio links, visit Yale University Press.

On an unrelated, non-kid note, Yale also published the catalogue for the William Eggleston photography show at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art. That's another must-see for me over the holidays. It closes January 25th.

Update 12/15: In the Comments section, reader Suji recommends listening to the audio version of the book. Great idea for long car trips! One source is Audible.com. Thanks, Suji!


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Susan, you probably know this already but just thought I'd pipe in for the audiobook version of the Little History of the World too. We carschool with the latter :) GREAT stuff! Thanks for your recent Field Guides/ Natural History post!

Ooops! Sorry :) Didn't realize you already replied to my comment on the field guides post :)

Suji, that is a GREAT idea. Thank you! Will add that to the post later today.

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