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Recommended Reading from Amanda Craig

At the UK's Times Online, the literary critic Amanda Craig writes about books for schools. She opens,

WHAT IS IT that makes a really good book for a child to bring home from school? To judge by some of those that have reduced my children - one an avid reader, the other more reluctant - to sobs of boredom, some teachers have even less idea than the rest of us. Librarians are another matter, but these heroic figures are far too often overlooked and sidelined by professionals who tend to remain stuck in the kind of books that are considered “good for you” rather than fun. Fun, really, is the first and best test.

The whole article is online here. Craig makes quite a few recommendations, too. Because she writes for a British readership, it's a somewhat different set of books than I usually see.


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Thanks for the link--I hadn't seen this! It is indeed a different group of books...

Charlotte, I'm going to write down some of the books that Amanda Craig's son likes. Jr. is not a reluctant reader, but he does like a book with a lot of plot.

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