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The Chicken Spaghetti Search Engine, or Bling for the Blog

Yes, there really is such a thing! Newly installed in the column to the right, the new, official, Google-powered Chicken Spaghetti Search Engine sits humming idly and waiting for your query. It's under the title "Search This Blog," which falls below the WorldCat device.

Since the blog is nearing its fourth year (in May), the content has grown exponentially, and a customized search engine ought to help readers find things they're interested in. You can also view phenomena like my slight obsession with the books of James Marshall and my over-reliance on the phrase "Who knew?" I swear I'm not going to say it any more. I swear. 

A blog search engine.

[Sound of person trying to speak with hand over mouth.]

Who knew?

Okay, that was the last time.


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Hey Susan, I think I want to copy you about this search engine. Is it a widget through TypePad, of did you get it through Google?

And I want the WorldCat widget. Reveal sources, please. Jealous readers want to know.

And, just for the record, and for whatever it's worth, I give you permission to keep saying Who Knew?

Jen, I'm loving the search engine, and I'm not even quite sure why! It isn't a Typepad widget--I paid for it. (The support could be better, though.) Will send you details via email. Yes, I got it through Google. I had another one, a free one from another source, but it didn't work for shbeans.

Mary Lee, the World Cat widget is here

I wish my own library were on it. I like WorldCat because its potential helpfulness. Ha, on the who knew? !!

I have that worldcat widget too but my local library isn't on it. Disappointing. I wonder if I can get them to sign up? The Google search looks cool. My blog is on Blogger and there is a search box for the blog at the top of the header. It seems to work pretty well. And I start my fourth year at the end of March. Synchronicity!?

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