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Free Poster for National Poetry Month 2009

The Academy of American Poets is once again offering a free poster to U.S. schools, libraries, community centers, and bookstores for National Poetry Month, which takes place in April. Details here. Among the Academy's other resources is a list of "30 Ways to Celebrate" the month. I liked this one:

Put a poem on the pavement
"Go one step beyond hopscotch squares and write a poem in chalk on your sidewalk."

P.S. The Academy tweets under the name PoetryNYC. ("Tweet" is the verb form of Twitter. But you knew that, right?)


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Thanks for posting about this. I am really looking forward to April!

You're welcome. Poetry Month should be fun, definitely.

As I play around your site (I'm loving it, can't you tell), I see you also post about poetry books. My favorite children's science/nature books I read are
a) In My Backyard by M. Ruurs
b)Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow
By Joyce Sidman -My ABSOULTE favorite
c)Where in the Wild: Camouflaged Creatures Concealed…and Revealed.
by David M. Schwartz & Yael Schy


Butterfly Eyes is fabulous! I will have to look for the others. I'm sure the library has them. I'm so glad that you've visited Chicken Spaghetti; I am really looking forward to reading around your site too and seeing your book reviews. I love so many of the children's science books.

Please email my poetry poster,I also like poetry in motion that have poetry in bus and they are read everyday here in Denver.

Darby, thanks for stopping by. I don't mail out the posters; you need to get in touch with the Academy of American Poets at the link that says "Details here." Click on that, and you'll get the full information from the Academy.

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