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Poetry Friday: Updike's "Saying Goodbye to Very Young Children"


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Glad to see they're out in public. Hopefully they reach out to the less fortunate school children so they are entitled to at least one of the same experiences as this example school in D.C. Although I'd never heard of it before, the story looks very interesting.

Katie, I, too, hope the Obamas get around and visit lots of schools when they have time. I wonder what they'll read next. I didn't know this particular book, but my library does have it.

According to the school's web site, 43% of the children receive free or reduced-priced lunches, indicating at least some less fortunate students there.

Yeah for reading outloud.

I agree--even if it is a photo-op!

I did not know this! Yes, I'm cheering, too, that it's a NEW book and such a great author and such a great illustrator! WAHOO!

Hey, Jules. I just picked up the book at the library yesterday. I was curious. Haven't read it yet.

I will check it out for my kiddos! I wonder what made him choose this particular book.

John, I just read the book; it's lovely. All about how you can be what you want to be, especially when people from earlier generations couldn't. It's about the moon landing in '68.

I felt like they would have read, regardless of if cameras came to see, making it a photo op. I enjoyed the clips I saw on the news, the kids were so classic with their "Good Morning, Mr. President" :) and hooray, always, for reading aloud!

This week Mrs. O. read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to a preschool class, so clearly read-alouds are something she and the Pres. continue to do. Cool.

That piece of news has really given me such optimism for the future.

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