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Wednesday Words, 2.24

An interview with children's book author/NPR commentator Daniel Pinkwater, at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Pinkwater's latest "Weekend Edition" recommendation? Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln, by Judith St. George, with illustrations by Matt Faulkner.

The School Library Journal blog Good Comics for Kids launches a new series, "Good Manga for Kids."

School district tries out desks at which kids can stand; the New York Times reports. “We’re talking about furniture here,” [a grant-maker] said, “plain old furniture. If it’s that simple, if it turns out to have the positive impacts everyone hopes for, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?”

Keep an eye on this initiative:  Share a Story—Shape a Future. A group of bloggers is planning a series of interviews and articles focusing on literacy, with advice from keeping young readers engaged to using technology for read-alouds.

Scientists blog, too. (Doesn't everyone?) The first ever Diversity in Science blog carnival (or, wrap-up of links to blog posts) takes place at Urban Science Adventures! [via Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)]

Speaking of NPR, I am happy to hear that the NPR librarians have a blog— a matter of fact.


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Great links, Susan. Those desks sound like a great idea, but I can't help but wonder how long it will be before someone takes it a step further.

That's wild. Imagine a treadmill in the classroom!

This is fantastic, Thanks

Sigh. I've always wanted to be an NPR librarian.

Hey, thanks for plugging the Diversity in Science Carnival. I'm really excited about it and proud of it.

I also blog about science and nature books for kids. Every Monday I post a book review. I'm fortunate to be a member of the Animal Behavior Society Outstanding Children's Book Award reviewer. I get to read all of the great books - narratives, poetic, trade, even novels - about animals and rate them for how accurate the animal behavior portrayed in book is.

great books.

Stephen, you're welcome!

Jules, I like it that they have a blog, too.

DN, I'm excited to hear about the Animal Behavior Society Book Awards! I keep a long list of "best of the year" children's books, including award winners. Since you post about science books for kids (yay!), I hope you'll join in on the weekly Nonfiction Mondays, which is kind of a carnival for nonfiction for kids. Different people host--the schedule is here

HiCuz...I love when Daniel Pinkwater reads aloud on NPR. He's great.

Susan: I'm late and slow to the blog world. What a great one you have. I'm adding it to mine.

Valerie Hobbs

Thanks for the nice words!

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