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Chicken Spaghetti's Fourth Anniversary

Yep, that's right. It's been four fine years of blogging about my adventures with children's books and reading—and chickens. 

To celebrate the occasion and the new season, I've chosen a passage from Arnold Lobel's classic Frog and Toad Are Friends.

"Toad, Toad, wake up. It is May now."

"What?" said Toad.

"Can it be May so soon?"

"Yes, said Frog.

"Look at your calendar."

Toad looked at the calendar.

The May page was on top.

Why, it is May!" said Toad

as he climbed out of bed.

Then he and Frog 

ran outside

to see how the world

was looking in the spring.

Happy May, and happy reading, as always. Stay tuned tomorrow for a book giveaway.


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Perfect choice. I think I'll go around saying, "Why, it IS May" today.

Happy FOUR YEARS! Wow.

Happy 4th Blog Birthday, Susan!!

Congratulations to Chicken Spaghetti! Four years is a long time in the blogging world. (I love Frog and Toad-great choice.)

Four blog years is like, what, twenty people years? Happy Days to you and your blog!

Happy Blog Birthday, Susan! That's an amazing amount of time for a blog. I hope you'll be blogging for many years more.

Happy blogiversery!

Happy Blog Anniversary. Need to throw an anniversary party huh..


Happy anniversary to you, Susan, and to all us Chicken Spaghetti readers!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! And thanks to all of you for reading.


Happy 4th! It is May, and so soon!

Huzzah! Here's to the next four years!

Merci, Tasha, Tanita, and Adrienne! Four years of Chicken Spaghetti. Hard to believe.

Happy Anniversary and a big congratulations.


Thank you, Cheryl!

Happy Blogoversary, Susan! Four years, and you've made such wonderful contributions to the world of children's books. Thanks for being here.

Aw, Bruce, you are too kind! Thank you.

That's a huge milestone. Congratulations from Franklin.

Thanks, Cindy!

My belated congratulations on your blog anniversary Susan! May you blog for another 40 years at least!! :) I know I'd love to read it for longer :)

Hi, Suji! Thank you so much for your very kind words. Four years ago my son was in kindergarten. Now he's about to finish fourth grade!


I want to wish you and Chicken Spaghetti a Happy (belated) 4th Bloggiversary! CS was one of the first blogs that got me hooked on the kidlitosphere.

Thank you, Elaine! I've gotten so many excellent poetry suggestions from you and Wild Rose Reader.

Happy Belated Blogiversary! I know I've read somewhere where your blog has won a big award so I offer you more congratulations!

Thanks for the anniversary greetings, Vivian!

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