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Is this the month for cool stamps or what? The UK just came out with a series that are gorgeous, and Neil Gaiman writes a little story for each picture. Look at them on Charlotte's blog. (

mixed reactions here....:)

Tanita, will have to take a look!

Alycia, I was surprised to see the Simpsons as stamps! I think it's a fun idea--kinda wacky on the part of the P.O.

I bought two books of these yesterday-so fun!

I like the 1 cent Tiffany lamp stamp, too.

Can I just say that I loathe the Simpsons and anything related to the Simpsons. At least twice a week I get tripped up on some Simpson clue on the NYT crossword...I can never remember if the guy's name is Apu or Abu--or maybe it's both. I just know that I hate the Simpsons.

Carry on.

What, no Comic Book Guy?

Worst. Stamp collection. Ever.

Cindy, so you're not a Simpsons fan. I'm still a Flinstones gal, really.

That's funny, Chris.

Oh I need these!

Yeesh, I haven't been here in so long. See what I've missed for being perpetually behind on blog-reading?


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