Up in the Air (with a book)
The Holds Rush In

Beach Library

Junior's dad and I have a thing for college campuses and libraries. We once drove miles out of our way to see the beautiful University of Virginia, and spent hours at the San Francisco Library while on vacation there some years back. 

One of our summer holiday stops this year was the Sanibel Public Library. Sanibel, an island near Fort Myers (Fla.), is known for great shelling, and its library even features a patron's sea shell collection. The library is not actually on the beach, but it's not far. There's a sparkling aquarium right by the children's section.


Some of the books in the children's section caught my eye. Both looked like the kind my son likes. Junior himself was making a braided something or other out of gimp. It was a kids' craft day, and Junior sat down and made himself at home. After thumbing through these, below, I took pictures so that I'd remember the titles. This one is DK's Super Structures, about architecture and engineering.


This one is The Mad Scientist's Notebook, by Elizabeth Harris. Science experiments, naturally. I liked this display table, which seemed the right height for its department.


An empty bank of computers in another section reminded us to check email. All in all, we enjoyed visiting this friendly spot and spending a little time out of the midday sun.


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I haven't been to Sanibel in a bajillion years. Hope you had a great time there and in Jackson.

We did have fun in Sanibel. It was incredibly hot, but we just thought that's the way it always was and made the best of it, staying in the water most of the time. Turns out there was a heat wave! The Big J was nice, too. Quick trip; I was there only 3 days.

Taking a library break from the sunny beach is such a thing our family would do. It sounds like you had a great time!

A kindred spirit, for sure! The library was a nice little break, given the heat wave and all. I could have stayed all afternoon.

Ooh, neat! I love visiting libraries out of town, too.

Jules, NT (my husband) and I are library fans from way back. One day I should wrangle his essay about the libraries in his life away from him and print it. He read it at a staff meeting when he was on the library board, and people remembered it for years!

Yes, I'd love to read that one day, Susan.

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