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Update 9/20: I'm still on Twitter; please visit! I took down the Twitter feed here on the blog to reduce clutter. 

In the far right-hand column of this blog is a feed called Twitter Updates. I use Twitter to call readers' attention to book reviews and literary essays at other publications; to point out other interesting but possibly non-book-related links; and to ask questions here and there. 

While some of my tweets (or, Twitter entries) are about children's books, a good many are not. So, there's a little but not a whole lot of overlap with the blog, although I hope both endeavors cover books and how they fit into today's world, at least to a tiny degree.

Recent articles I've pointed out via Twitter are Alice Sebold's Atlantic essay about literary prizes, a New York Times mention of author/photographer Seymour Simon's wedding, and a piece on the Bronx's Museum of Trees. (I'm all for Museums of Trees, aren't you?)

Please visit at


Happy reading on this rainy Tuesday.


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I'm still working on the usefulness of Twitter. Thank you for sharing the way it works for you.
I'm debnance, though I tweet about once a year.

Hi, Deb. Thanks for checking in. I really enjoy Twitter, which lets me branch out a bit!

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