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Jan Brett's Weekend House

If you see a woman driving a Prius full of chickens down the Mass Pike, it just might be the renowned children's book author Jan Brett on her way to the Berkshires. Brett and her weekend home were the subjects of a profile in the New York Times' "Escapes" section on Friday. "Escapes" focuses on real estate, and Brett's place looks idyllic.

It has been a good week for chickens in major New York publications. On Monday Susan Orlean's article on backyard hens ran in The New Yorker. "The It Bird" is not available online, but is well worth your time to track down. (An "Ask the Author" column is here at The New Yorker's web site.) Orlean's experiences with poultry-keeping are uncannily similar to mine; her crowing "hen" is Laura, ours was Loretta. 

And, in the department of you heard it here first: I think we Crazy Chicken People are going to give the Crazy Cat People a run for their money. Jan Brett kisses her chickens and rubs their feet. Fuzzy and Lovey follow me around, but would flap their wings in my face if I to kiss them. I was proud to note, though, that Lovey is the same kind of chicken that Brett owns: white-crested black Polish. Brett also raises Silkies, which are like the teacup poodles of the chicken world.


Photo: Lovey the backyard hen


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Our favorites were our RhodeIsland Reds. Generic, but so docile and friendly.Ate age 4 my dd used to carry one around tucked under her arm.

Theresa, I like those Rhode Island Reds, too. I love to see kids carrying chickens around and talking to them.

Mmmmm....we had some really delicious oven-fried chicken for dinner.

Someone handed me this article on Friday and I thought of you. The foot rubbing gave me a giggle!

Cindy, I've installed an attack chicken at the front of the coop in case you try to raid it!

Lynne, Jan Brett sounds very, um, devoted to her flock!

Someday I'd love to meet your birds in person. In the meantime, thanks for the occasional updates!

Mary Lee, come on over any time!

I think a Crazy Chicken Person sounds like a good kind of person to be.

So far, so good here, Jules!

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