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Poetry Friday: 2 Tongue Twisters

Colin West's "Pardon?" Said the Giraffe is currently the go-to book for my first-grade reading buddies. The picture book, a funny story about a frog who wants to talk to a giraffe, features simple sentences and plenty of repetition. It's a very good choice for beginning readers. Plus, there's a huge sneeze that changes the plot completely.

When I see my pals next week, I'm going to show them some of West's poems, including the tongue twisters found at this page of his web site. All are from the author-illustrator's Big Book of Nonsense: Poems to Make You Laugh Out Loud (London: Hutchinson, 2001); some U.S. libraries own a copy. I'm going to hit-up inter-library loan for it.

The roundup of all the Poetry Friday posts takes place at Susan Taylor Brown's blog today. Brown wrote Hugging the Rock, a middle-grade novel-in-verse that I recommend.


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Very fun! (Lucky little friends of yours!!) I'll add this bookmark to my collection of online kids' poetry!

Mary Lee, I was happy to come across the poems after reading Pardon Me? and seeing the kids' interest in it. Colin West has a cute site, doesn't he?

I get such a kick out of my first-grade chums.

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