Dr. Seuss, according to Paul Chowder
Happy New Year, September 2009

Guest Blogging at PBS Parents' Booklights

I want Elmo's autograph.

Do you think he'll sign our much-loved (i.e., worn-out) copy of Time for Bed, Elmo! for me? I hope so!

As a longtime fan of PBS Kids programming, I can't tell you how excited I am to be guest blogging over the next several weeks at Booklights, a PBS Parents' blog that encourages children's love of reading.  

I invite all of you to stop by the site and say hello—and read the excellent posts there by the Booklights blogging crew: Gina, Ann, Jen (Jen Robinson's Book Page), Pam (MotherReader), and Susan K. (Wizards Wireless). Another guest blogger will be joining up, too! Updated to add: it's Terry Doherty, of Scrub-a-Dub-Tub.

My introductory post at Booklights is here.



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When you meet him, Elmo's actually kind of a jerk.

Glad to have you with us at Booklights.

Elmo? Elmo is mean? No way. :)

Booklights is going to be a blast.

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